*ANNA SHAPES*+Kennedy’s+(FreshFace)+Luas Urban Style+{.::GFD::.}+ +:::+Natural+:::++.:SP:. (Hunt+Free+New Release+DC+SIS)

Working on...Working on...

Cabello/Hair: *PH* 70531 -chocolate-

Piel/Skin: (FreshFace) Jasmine Caramel bigger breasts (New Release)

Cuerpo/Shape: *ANNA SHAPES*  .:: Designer Circle ::.54nd Bloggers (Designer Circle – 54th Round) May 13Th – May 25th)

Conjunto/Outfit: Kennedy’s “Fickle” (Designer Circle – 54th Round) May 13Th – May 25th)

Bolso/Bag: Luas Urban Style – Lexi Backpack Yellow (Stuff in Stock Discount Event May 14th- May 26th) 

Collar/Necklace: {.::GFD::.} Sweet Macaron (necklace) – TUK hunt (~::TUKH::~#24. {.::GalaFashionDesign::.})

Aretes+Anillo/Earrings+Ring: +:::+Natural+:::+BONHEUR YELLOW(*WEAR*)

Tatuaje/Tattoo: ~SB~ “I make it sweet” Pelvic Tattoo (Gratis en Marketplace) FREE

Zapatos/Shoes: .:SP:. Pumps Salma Wedge Heel (MESH) (New Release)


**Designer Circle – Desde el 13 de Mayo hasta el 25 de Mayo (Ofertas desde 50L$-100L$)

**Stuff in Stock Discount Event:– Desde el 14 de Mayo hasta el 26 de Mayo (Ofertas desde 30L$-65L$)

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